What is the Pulse12 Survey?

The Best Companies Group Pulse12 survey asks 12 employee satisfaction and engagement questions.  It is a condensed version of the full BCG Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey used during the annual "Best Places to Work" assessment process. It is offered as a mid-year check up and is conducted 6 months after the original "Best Places to Work" survey process. This mid-year review can help your organization measure changes that June have occurred during the past six months. Click here to see the Pulse12 survey questions.


Why Should My Company Use the Pulse12?

The Pulse12 is an inexpensive solution to measure progress. The total cost is only $295. The Pulse12 enables your organization to measure the effectiveness of workplace improvement strategies.  The Pulse12 Report will allow your organization to learn if your workforce satisfaction and engagement levels have been influenced by any or all of the following:

  • Implementation of new HR policies or initiatives
  • Staffing changes
  • Recent organizational successes or challenges
  • Survey timing
  • Changes in the economy
  • Changes in your industry
  • World news and events

It is easy! To streamline the process, we will re-use the employee email addresses we already have on file. We will simply send the Pulse12 survey to those that were surveyed six months ago.


What Will My Company Receive?

BCG will administer in the Pulse12 survey and will provide a two-page Pulse12 Results Report (click for sample). The report will include the overall percentages of positive and negative response to each of the 12 questions.  Plus, for easy comparison, we will also include your organization's responses to these same questions from the most recent "Best" program.


How Do I get Started?

We simply need your commitment and pre-payment of the Pulse12 fee of $295 (the fee will be collected via credit card at the end of registration form below). We will then launch the Pulse12 survey to the employees that were previously surveyed during the "Best" program. Above is a more detailed timeline for the process.


 Registration Deadline: February 11, 2022


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Pulse12 Survey Timeline

Registration Deadline: February 11
Customization Deadline: February 16
Pulse12 Launch: February 25
Pulse12 Close: March 11
Pulse12 Results Delivered:
Week of March 28